Favourites :)


So you know me. Well sorta.

Now let me tell you what I go nuts about!

Declan Galbraith - Favourite Singer

Declan Galbraith - Favourite Singer

Jean-Baptiste Maunier- Favourite Actor 1

Jean-Baptiste Maunier- Favourite Actor 1

Favourite Movie and Choir <3

Favourite Movie and Choir ❤

^ Name of Favourite Choir ; Petits Chanteurs De Saint-Marc. 😀 

All-Time Favourite Movie!

All-Time Favourite Movie!

OH And I love the Choirboys!

Both Original and New (:

Original Choirboys

Original Choirboys

New Choirboys

New Choirboys



I have an obsession for ENGLISH CASTLES.

So yes! I am gonna do all it takes to get to see them!

Castles like this! <3333

Castles like this! <3333

My Favourite actress is LIV TYLER!

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

So yes.

By now you most probably heard I love history.

It’s no surprise eh?

I can watch LOTR over and over and over and over and over again.

I have so many cousins on my mum’s side I can lose count.

My cousins on my dad’s side are just as awesome(:

This vid is my favourite!

Okay Okay. Here’s what I think.

Declan sounds like an angel.

JBM can sing like a sop at 14.

Hellphone is the next best French Movie I have watched.

I think violence is overrated.

History is not boring.

I want to be multi-lingual.

I don’t like guys the same age as me. Or from Singapore. 😀

I have the best friends.

I like Disney Classics.

I want to do great things.

I am 14 years old.

I don’t plan to complain about my age when i grow old.

I like reading and plan to do so for the rest of my life.

Ever heard? The Pen is mightier than the sword.

That’s why I love writing.

I love War. And yes,I’m a girl. Don’t ask me why.


Anything else?


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